Acquisition Integration Strategy

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Many companies complete acquisitions and never take advantage of the economies of scale opportunities, cross-selling benefits, brand development and synergies.  Whether the acquisition strategy is related to growing a retail store chain, product mix, real estate tuck-in plan or complementing business growth, it is important to have a corporate strategy to integrate the new business.


  • Implement corporate strategy to rebrand newly acquired business.
  • Communicate the details of a new acquisition to all existing and newly acquired employees: presenting the business, why it was purchased, benefits, cross-selling opportunities and synergies.
  • Set a meeting with new acquisition’s division head and their marketing personnel to gather information and identify strategic and key objectives.
  • Develop and finalize plan
  • Timelines will be created and certain personnel will be assigned to specific projects.
  • Implement/Merge new computerized management system in new acquisition
  • Roll out new image
  • Change all logos
  • Disseminate brand guidelines
  • Change all business cards, letterhead and invoices
  • Change building signage
  • Add to corporate website
  • Cross-marketing opportunities
  • Develop sales and marketing collateral
  • The marketing head will communicate with management regularly and give status updates.

Ed Nieves was a Vice President of a public company that acquired over 25 companies, which represented 65 retail locations, four security companies and a consumer products company.  In addition, Ed Nieves was an independent consultant for a private company that acquired 12 companies.  Ed created and implemented the integration plans for these acquisitions.  Mr. Nieves is currently engaged by a real estate acquisitions company, and is overseeing the acquisition plans for this firm.

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