How To Generate Media Coverage

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Positive media coverage about your business in the local, national or trade press will improve your brand awareness.  Third party press is typically considered more credible than advertising and is a powerful tool for building recognition with potential customers, suppliers and investors.

National Industry Trade Magazines
Local & National News and Business Journals (print and digital)


  1. Research and identify all trade magazines, local newspapers and business journals.
  2. Create an ongoing email list of editors for future press releases.
  3. Contact all editors and introduce the company.
  4. Create a “pitch” or “message” that fits the publication’s editorial needs and present to the editor.  During this time, there may be several phone calls and emails exchanged; mailing of a hard copy package, continuous follow-up and/or meetings at trade shows.
  5. Follow up with editors and set up interviews with the CEO, CFO, COO or divisional heads.
  6. Coach the person being interviewed.
  7. I will set up the call or in-person meeting for the interview.
  8. After the story is published:
    1. Add links of the stories to the web site to help with SEO.
    2. Post stories on all social media accounts and company blog.
    3. Send story by email to all employees and customers.
    4. Send story by email to all shareholders, analysts and investors.
  9. Produce “reprints” of the article for sales, investor relations and media kits.

Industry Trade Magazine New Product Spotlight Section: Every trade magazine has a New Product Spotlight section.  Send a press release about new products and services to all of the publications and will include a picture.  The new product will be spotlighted in the magazine and on their website.

Ed Nieves was the company spokesperson for a NASDAQ-listed public company for over 13 years.  Ed successfully generated media coverage for TV, radio, newspapers, trade magazines and online media outlets.  Reputable publications include: Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer and Bloomberg News.  In addition, Ed Nieves successfully generated media coverage for several privately-owned companies.

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