Investor Relations

Building Investor Awareness

Raising capital and maximizing shareholder value


Investor Relations Expertise:

  • Write press releases
  • Generate media coverage
  • Media and shareholder spokesperson
  • Establish and maintain relationships with analysts, fund managers and investors
  • Road show one-on-one meetings (fund managers, analysts and raising cash)
  • PowerPoint presentation pitch book (road shows, raising cash, investors, bankers, fund managers, etc.)
  • Investor Relations kit (hard copy and digital)
  • Annual Reports and Shareholder Meetings
  • Organize and lead conference calls and/or webinars
  • Web site – Investor Relations
  • Crisis communications
  • Develop corporate marketing literature
  • Trade Shows: corporate marketing, and to attract companies for mergers and acquisitions

How To Generate Media Coverage

Print & Digital


National Industry Trade Magazines
Local & National News and Business Journals

Positive media coverage about your business in the local, national or trade press will improve your brand awareness.  Third party press is typically considered more credible than advertising and is a powerful tool for building recognition with potential customers, suppliers and investors.

•    Research and identify all trade magazines, local newspapers and business journals related to the business.

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